February Open House

February 17th, 2024 - 19:00 UTC

Los Angeles Feb 17 11:00 PST
New York Feb 17 14:00 EST
London Feb 17 19:00 GMT
Tokyo Feb 18 4:00 JST

Open house meeting for all magicians worldwide.

Meeting Time:

Happening right now!

You can join the meeting at the scheduled time.

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Ring 2100 is the IBM's only all digital chapter. It meets via Zoom on the third Saturday of each month. There are no officers and no dues. Just magic and fellowship. All members of the IBM are automatically considered members of Ring 2100. It doesn't matter if you have a local Ring affiliation or not. You are a member of Ring 2100.

This is another Open House gathering, so all in the magic community, especially our friends in the Society of American Magicians, are welcome and encouraged to attend. Membership in the IBM is not required (but we will nudge you in that direction). Feel free to share any style of magic you love. Or show us something from your collection. We want every one of you to be actively involved.

And please, forward this invitation to all your magician friends. The more the merrier!

Zoom Meeting ID: 950 6317 2293 Passcode: 2100

Ring 2100 meetings welcome I.B.M. members from around the world. If you have an active I.B.M. membership, you can count yourself as a member of Ring 2100!

Most of our meetings, unless otherwise stated, are also Open House meetings. This means that anyone can attend as a guest, even if you are not a member of the I.B.M.